Here is a list of all staff members on this wiki. If you are looking for help, either with editing or cleaning up the wiki, or if you have a rule breaker you want to report, these are the users you should look for.

If you feel that you deserve a position here, make sure you fulfill these requirements, then ask an admin if you wish to be a moderator, or if you feel your performance as a contributor has been outstanding, ask a bureaucrat for an administrator position. If your request is denied, please do not beg for the position, and simply ask again once you feel you have shown better performance as a contributor here.


  • You must be active on the wiki and/or the chat.
  • You must not have been banned or blocked in the last month.
  • You must show good behavior as a contributor on this wiki.


50 Critolious (Owner)

50 TinyThyMelon


50 Tuparman

Content/Discussions Moderators

50 CaptainSlayher